Visit some of the completed microbreweries

The Klubopiwiarnia Brewery, Łódź

PUBBY  - 11 hl

At the end of June 2017, the opening of the mini-brewery restaurant took place in Lodz, which is the third largest city in Poland. The 11-hl stainless steel brewhouse equipped with brass elements is located in the restaurant area. CK tanks can be viewed by visitors not only through windows outside the restaurant, but can also be enjoyed by guests inside the restaurant thanks to glass windows. The brewery is located in the downtown of Łódź, near the famous Piotrkowa Street, which is 4,000 m long and is a sought-after place of entertainment for local residents and tourists of the city.

The Hnanice Brewery

KEGGY - 5,5 hl

Heading to south Moravia for beer

In December 2016 PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY won a tender for delivering a turnkey mini-brewery to Hnanice near Znojmo. The heart of the brewery is a copper kettle with a capacity of 5.5 hls / batch and two overpressure tanks of 5 hls, which are exceptional with its copper cladding. These tanks and brewouse are located in a newly-built brewery restaurant, as well as the brewery's premises and the adjoining guest house.

In the brewery there is an open 10-hl fermentation vat, three cylindroconical tanks each with a capacity of 10 hls, a 10 hl lager tank and a 10 hl overpressure tank. The big rival in this realization was the time, as the brewery had to be put into operation by the end of April. Therefore, great thanks go to all those involved in the realization of this contract. The reward for a well-done job is another order of lager tanks to expand the Hnanice Brewery. We delivered two 10 hl lager tanks in June and the next two will be delivered by the end of August. So we do not have to ride in South Moravia just for wine, but also for well-cooled beer. May God give you luck!



Zapanbrat Brewery, Poland

CRAFTER - 33 hl

December 2016 marked the launch of a brewery in the Polish town of Zywiec near the Czech-Polish border. The investor is a family company in the smoked meats business. The company decided to add a small industrial brewery, which was delivered in two phases: the first phase involved malt and brewing equipment, the second phase equipment for brewing lagers.

The delivered brewhouse with a size of 30 hl with two vessels and a whirlpool tank is already prepared for the future addition of a wort tank. The cylindroconical tanks have volumes of 30 hl, 60 hl and 90 hl. The investor plans to brew mainly top-fermented beers, which are very popular on the Polish market.

Hostivar H2 Brewery, Hostivar

CRAFTER - 33 hl

The best reference is undoubtedly a satisfied customer, which proudly for us is the company Hostivar Pivo. In 2015, we delivered to this customer the Trautenberk Brewery in Horní Malá Úpa situated at an altitude of 1,045 meters above sea level in the Krkonoše Mountains, and we are currently completing the installation of another brewery for Pivo Hostivar in Horní Měcholupy.

The current brewery in Horní Měcholupy will be replaced with equipment three times the size supplied by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY. The Hostivar Brewery consists of a two-vessel brewhouse with a volume of 33 hl and a whirlpool vat on the common walking platform. The brewery also consists of lagering tanks with a volume of 60 hl, fermentation vats with a volume of 60 hl and cylindroconical tanks with a volume of 30 hl. The brewery also includes other equipment such as a malt grinder, a glycol system, a compressor, a steam producer, pumps, CIP tanks, keg fillers, etc.

AleBrowar Brewery, Poland

CRAFTER - 33 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY delivered a small brewery with a three-vessel brewhouse with a volume of 35 hl to the Polish town of Lebork situated on the Baltic Sea. The investor, the Polish firm AleBrowar, is already well-known and popular on the Polish market, despite having operated to date in leased breweries. As these were no longer sufficient for the company’s needs, they decided to build their own brewery. As the term ‘ALE’ in their name suggests, the brewery specialises in top-fermented beers, which have already won awards in this category at professional competitions. The brewery was ranked in America among the top 100 beer producers in the world in 2016. The new brewery commenced operations in January 2017.




Praha Craft Brewery, South Korea

KEGGY - 5,5 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied technology for a microbrewery to Busan (South Korea) with an annual output of 125.000 litres of Czech pale lager brewed by a Czech brewer from Czech ingredients - malt, hops, etc. The brewery was delivered in record time - not even four months elapsed from the execution of the purchase contract to the commissioning of the brewery. In order to achieve this, a part of the delivery of the equipment had to be shipped by air. The brewery is located in a recently renovated former industrial building converted into a shopping and cultural centre, with our beautifully crafted copper brew kettle standing in the very heart of the building, surrounded by a painting gallery and luxury boutiques. For the Koreans, a visit to our brewery is a completely unique experience.


Na Čtyrce Brewery, Pelhřimov

PUBBY  - 11 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY was the supplier of complete brewery technology with planned production of 1,500 hl/year; the brewery is located in the Na Čtyrce restaurant on the square in Pelhřimov. The dominant feature of the brewery is a copper two-vessel block brew kettle with a volume of 11 hl of wort per batch located in a separate room with glass windows. Planned production is 1,500 hl/year. The delivery also included a 10 hl fermenting vat, fermentation tanks, lagering tanks, transfer tanks and other accessories. The first ceremonial batch was brewed on New Year 2016.


Uhříněves Brewery, Uhříněves

MALTY - 22 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied the microbrewery technology for UHŘÍNĚVES BREWERY. The new brewery is located in Prague’s Uhříněves district, on the premises of a former brewery and malt house where beer was first brewed in 1705. The technology consists of a two-vessel stainless block brew kettle with a capacity of 22 hl of wort, a whirlpool, fermentation tanks, storage tanks, a cylindroconical tank, a transfer tank, CPI tanks, VLV 340 cooling system, and other equipment and appliances. The brewery opened in April 2016.


Revolta Brewery, Žďár nad Sázavou

KEGGY - 5,5 hl

The microbrewery building is situated in the upper part of Republic Square in Žďár nad Sázavou. The microbrewery consists of a two-vessel block stainless brew kettle with a capacity of 5.5 hl of wort, a fermentation tank, storage tanks, cylindroconical tanks, a squeezer, a filler, a washer, and other equipment and appliances. Customers can see the entire brewery technology and watch the brewer at work through large glass panels. The brewery opened in April 2016.


Bratislava Restaurant – Monatic Brewery

PUBBY  - 11 hl

The Monastic Brewery was built in the city centre, inside the “Bratislava Restaurant” situated on the Slovak National Uprising Square, inside a former cinema. The entrance is from Bratislava’s Golden Lane, with replicas of the facades and artefacts of Bratislava’s historical buildings. The microbrewery was assembled in the second half of 2015. The technology consists of a copper brew kettle with a capacity of 11 hl and with steam heating, a whirlpool, fermentation tanks, storage tanks, cylindroconical tanks, an ice water maker, and other equipment. The brewery opened towards the end of 2015.



Maryensztadt Brewery, Poland

PUBBY  - 11 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied the technology for a microbrewery in Zwoleń, Poland. The supply consisted of a two-vessel brew kettle with a capacity of 11 hl (brushed stainless steel) and with steam heating, an ice water maker, 12 cylindroconical tanks with a capacity of 20 hl, and other accessories. The brewery produces in particular top-fermented beers, and since its introduction to the Polish market, the MARYENSZTADT brand has become very popular.



Trautenberk Brewery, Horní Malá Úpa

CRAFTER - 33 hl

 The Trautenberk Brewery, dominated by a stainless brew kettle with a capacity of 30 hl of wort per batch, storage tanks with a capacity of 60 hl, an VLV 460 ice water maker and other equipment, is situated in the Družba Hotel in Horní Malá Úpa. The brewery is located in an attractive tourist area in the eastern part of the Giant Mountains, on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland, featuring both winter skiing resorts and summer hiking trails.

Visitors to the brewery admire the cylindroconical tanks installed on an elevated structure. These are visible even from the main road that passes alongside the brewery building. The investor chose PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY as a reputable microbrewery supplier. The Trautenberk Brewery produces approximately 8,000 hl per year, and the beer will also be served in Jánské Lázně and other Giant Mountain resorts.


Pospíchalovi Family Brewery, Hladov

MALTY - 22 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied another microbrewery to the Vysočina Region, this time to the village of Hladov near Jihlava. The order includes a stainless steel brew kettle with a capacity of 22 hl, a whirlpool, a wort cooling unit of 20 hl/hr, 2 fermenting tanks of 40 hl, 4 lagering tanks of 20 hl, 3 lagering tanks of 40 hl and transfer tanks with a capacity of 20 hl and 40 hl. Other equipment includes a hot water tank of 30hl, a CIP station of 10 hl with and without heating, an ice water maker and a unit for filling kegs. The planned production of the Hladov microbrewery is 3,500 hl/year.

Kopuletý Microbrewery , Hluboké

PUBBY  - 11 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a microbrewery to a former farmhouse in the village of Hluboké; the facility is currently being converted into a small hotel with a restaurant, a microbrewery and a wine shop. The investor chose PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY because they require a high level of craftsmanship with a heavy emphasis on equipment quality and design. The microbrewery consists of a copper brew kettle with a 11 hl volume with glass hatches, a whirlpool vat, six fermenting vats of 10 hl, 24 lagering tanks of 10 hl, four CK tanks of 10 hl, a hot water tank, mobile two-vessel CIP stations, 150 l each, VLV 320 cooling equipment with heat recovery, a steam generator, wort coolers, malt squeezers, glass and PET bottle fillers, keg washers and fillers. The delivery also includes visualization of the brewing process with automatic temperature control. PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY will also carry out complete assembly on site, including functional tests. The investor wishes to make Czech beer using traditional technology and methods.



Microbrewery “Turák and grandson”, Slovakia 

HOPPY - 2,5 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY delivered to Slovakia a fully automatic two-vessel stainless steel brew kettle with the capacity of 250 l, which is the smallest size produced by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY. Single-phase fermentation technology is installed in the brewery, i.e. six cylindrical tanks with a capacity of 5 hl, two pressure tanks with a capacity of 5 hl, a hot water tank, CIP station, cooling equipment, keg filling station and other accessories. The brewery is located in the town of Stará Turá located nearly 60 kilometres from the Czech-Slovak border and 12 km west of Nové Mesto nad Váhom.


Národní brewery (Pivovar Národní) in Prague

KEGGY - 5,5 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied technology to the Národní Brewery (Pivovar Národní) restaurant located on the premises of the Roman Catholic Convent of St. Ursula near the National Theatre in Prague. In 1994, PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a hand-hammered copper brew kettle of 5.5 hl capacity to U Bezoušků restaurant in Průhonice. The brew kettle has been completely refurbished and moved to a new location together with the original lagering tanks with a capacity of 5 hl and 10 hl. The microbrewery equipment by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has been supplemented with 10 hl fermenting vats, an ice water maker and other accessories. 


Podřipský family brewery, Ctiněves

KEGGY - 5,5 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied complete turnkey brewery technology to the Podřipský Family Brewery, located right under the Říp Mountain in the village of Ctiněves. This microbrewery of the restaurant type consists of a brew kettle of 5.5 hl with a copper finish, using the classic technology of two-stage beer production and an annual output of 1,000 hl. For fermentation and bottling, there are 8 lager tanks of 10 hl, 1 cylindrical-conical tank with a capacity of 10 hl, 2 pressure tanks of 10 hl, 3 open fermentation vats of 10 hl and 1 yeast storage tank of 40 l. Other accessories include a hot water tank with a capacity of 10 hl, a 2 hl CIP tank with a heater and a 2 hl CIP tank without a heater. Beer is brewed following the traditional method, using only water, hops, malt and brewer’s yeast. 

ARTEZAN Brewery, Poland 

CRAFTER - 33 hl

At the end of last year there was an opening ceremony of a new industrial Artezan microbrewery that is owned by The Browar Prywatny Company. The Browar Prywatny Company has become synonymous on the Polish market as to quality brands that is also supported by its convenient location. Production facility of Artezan is located in the village of Blonie, approximately 35 km west of the Warsaw center.

Putting into operation microbrewery was a crucial step for the investor, because in the past the beer used to be produced in a small, self-help devices assembled. The Browar Prywatny Company specializes in producing top-fermented ales that gained considerable popularity among consumers. The dominant element of the PACOVSKE STROJÍRNY microbrewery represents a stainless steel double-vessel brewhouse that can be controlled along with a whirlpool vat and counter from one service platform. One batch has a volume of 3300 l. The hopper holds up to 1100 kg of malt, moreover it is also equipped with malt masher and vibration device for easier emptying of the hopper. Preparation and dosing of malt is performed by operators with a minimum of physical effort. Managing of the brewing process is done via software developed by PACOVSKE STROJIRNY employees. Controlling is performed via a touch screen display showing the current status. The program also works in a manual or semi-automatic control, available in three languages. As a part of the supply there also were cylindrical-conical tanks with a total capacity of 240 hls, a pressure tank with a capacity of 30 hls and a hot water tank with a capacity of 60 hls. Other unusual features include universal hops dispenser allowing dosing directly into cylindrical-conical tanks. Currently Artezan is producing from 5.000 to 6.000 hl of ale type beer annually. The new microbrewery has published an article on the website of the Polish breweries ( that serves as a guide for places where real beer is offered and sold.

The Beskydy brewery, Ostravice  

MALTY - 22 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a minibrewery to another Czech mountains. After the Krkonose and Sumava, Beskydy is to follow. The minibrewery consists of the two-vessel block brewhouse for a volume of hopped wort of 22 hls with stainless steel vessels in a visual finish of polished stainless steel along with steam heating. The brewhouse is equipped with a service platform for the brewhouse and 20 hl whirlpool vats operating. For fermentation and beer bottling there is one 40 hl cylindrical-conical tank, 4 cylindrical-conical tanks of 40 hls and 2 overpressure tanks of 40 hl. Another equipment is 35 hl hot water tank, 1000 L CIP vessel,  VLV 200 ice water making maching and VCHG 36 cooling equipment – a chiller for monopropyleneglycol cooling. Ostravian Beskydy beer is 100% natural, i.e., it is produced only from pure natural raw materials. It even meets the criteria of so called Reinheitsgebot, or the Bavarian Law of the highest purity from year 1516 when the only allowed ingredients for its production are malt, hops, water and yeast. And of course - all these mentioned materials are purely Czech or Moravian. Renowned Hanacky malt and even more notorious hops from Zatec. This is what makes a Czech beer the Czech beer. And can there be better water for Czech beer than the one from the Beskydy mountain streams? Let the Beskydy beer brewery be a pleasant enrichment of the beer map and a refreshing beer venue for the locals and tourists.



Browar Miejski, Sopot

KEGGY - 5,5 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a minibrewery to the town of Sopot, a popular tourist site in Poland. Investor addressed PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY as a manufacturer with a long tradition, great experience and craftsmanship - all considered as a guarantee of quality that is from his point of view essential. The place of realization is the restaurant "Zloty Ul" in Sopot, located in the northern Pomeranian district in the Gulf of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea between Gdansk and Gdynia, forming a so-called Tricity. This is a very attractive tourist destination that hosts traditional music festivals. In the summer months it is a popular place for holiday and relaxation by the sea. Restaurant "Zloty Ul" is located near the Sopot Square, in a distance of about 0.5 km from the sea. Currently, there is installation of a complete minibrewery with a stainless steel brewhouse with a volume of 5,5 hls, with cylindroconical tanks of 10 hls, VLV 120 ice water making machine and other equipment. It is therefore a complete supply of turnkey minibrewery equipment, including securing the services of a Czech brewer and Czech ingredients. This summer season, visitors to Sopot can taste fine beer from the Pacovske minibrewery. We expect complete realization should significantly improve the prospects for other minibreweries supplies from PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY production on the Polish market.



Brewery Gordon´s, Yekaterinburg

PUBBY  - 11 hl

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a minibrewery to Yekaterinburg - the fourth largest city in the Russian Federation which lies on the border between Europe and Asia. The official opening took place on July 10th and 11th, 2014 and was attended by many distinguished guests. Delivery of the minibrewery was a "turn-key delivery", i.e. starting from a project preparation to the first batch of beer brewed. The two-vessel block brewhouse made of stainless steel with copper heads with an 11 hl capacity of one batch is situated in the middle of a stylish restaurant. Minibrewery technology also consists of fermenting department with a total capacity of 70 hectoliters (5 pcs of 10 hl fermentation tanks, 1 pc of 20 hl fermentation tank) and lagering department with a capacity of 180 hectoliters (12 pcs of 10 hl lager tank,  3 pcs of  20 hl lager tank). For the beer bottling,  there are four tanks with a nominal capacity of 10 hls. Complementary facilities include a filling machine and kegs barrels washer. Existing minibrewery production capacity is 2,500 hectoliters of beer per year. The owner already owns a chain of restaurants, which thanks to the minibrewery from PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY, has expanded by its own beer offer.



 Dominiantou restaurace je 11 hl nerezová varna s měděnými pokrývkami.



PUBBY  - 11 hl

At the end of last year and early this year PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY successfully implemented the FRIENDS restaurant microbrewery project in Minsk with annual production capacity of 3,500 hl. The microbrewery is dominated by a 11 hl two-vessel stainless steel brew kettle heated by steam with a surface finish in polished copper, hand-hammered sheets and electronic temperature visualization. Beer fermentation takes place in two open fermentation vats of 10 and 20 hl capacity. The additional equipment includes, for instance, a filler of keg and PET bottles, a two-drum keg washer and an ice water maker.



The microbrewery was opened on May 9, 2014. 

Lyer, Modrava

PUBBY  - 11 hl

In December 2013, PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY completed the Lyer microbrewery project in Modrava in the centre of the Šumava National Park. The dominant feature of the microbrewery is the 11 hl two-vessel stainless steel brew kettle heated by steam, with polished copper surface finish, which together with the rustic restaurant equipment helps to create a pleasant atmosphere. The brew vessels are accompanied by the vortex vat of the same volume. Fermentation and lagering takes place in eight CK tanks of 20 hl capacity, which are also used for filling in a manual line as transfer tanks. Additional equipment is represented by a filler of kegs and PET bottles. The equipment also includes a system for storing heat and cooling in the form of closed circuits of hot and cold water (1 storage tank of 2,000 l, 1 storage tank of 1,000 l for coolant, 1 storage tank of 2,000 l for coolant, 2 boilers with the capacity of 750 l of heating water. 1 boiler of 300 litres for heating water).



Lyer microbrewery makes beer by the decoction method and it offers Pilsner type beer with both a lower and higher alcohol content (light, half-dark, dark, and special).

Lyer microbrewery was opened on April 4, 2014.




U Tří růží, Praha

PUBBY  - 11 hl

The project for the construction of this microbrewery was quite a challenge for PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY. The contract involved the manufacture of a two-vessel block brew kettle with a capacity of 11 hl of wort and a surface finish of polished copper. The brew kettle is situated on the ground floor of the restaurant. The brew kettle is complemented by an open fermentation vat and closed tanks located in the basement of the building. The capacity of the lager cellar is 1,200 to 1,500 hl per year. The planned production capacity is 1,500 hl of beer per year, i.e. 2,000 draught glasses per batch.

Along with actual production, we also performed the installation of the microbrewery in the restaurant in the Prague historical centre. We had to deal with the problem of the small size of the restaurant, which eventually required transportation and installation by helicopter. Nevertheless, all problems were solved by our staff and the installation of specially adapted lager tanks was carried out in agreement with conservationists only at night. In addition, it was necessary to install the steam generator through the roof by helicopter.

The contract was implemented from August 2011 and in May 2012 the brewery was opened after ten months of work. Guests can taste Pilsner beers as well as beer specials.


U Bezoušků, Praha - Průhonice

KEGGY - 5,5 hl

This contract was one of the first microbreweries delivered as a turnkey project by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY. In 1994, the company installed in the U Bezoušků restaurant in Průhonice a copper brew kettle with a 5.5 hl capacity, together with fermentation vats and lagering and filling tanks. The delivery involved the complete assembly of the equipment, including the tank cooling. The brew kettle is situated directly in the restaurant. The restaurant offers a standard Pilsner lager (11°, 12° and 15°) and a variety of beer specials. Currently, this microbrewery moved to new premises in Prague with a new name - the National Brewery(Pivovar Národní).


Hendrych family brewery, Vrchlabí

MALTY - 22 hl

 PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY also participated in the foundation of Hendrych microbrewery in Vrchlabí in September 2011. The family microbrewery located near the ski centres in the Krkonoše Mountains relies on the year-round interest of tourists in this area. By August 2012, when the contract was completed, our staff manufactured and installed a brewery with an initial capacity of 3,000 hl providing for potential future extension. The equipment consists of a stainless steel brew kettle with a 22 hl capacity, fermentation, lagering and transfer tanks of 20 and 40 hl and 1 CK tank of 20 hl, designed for the production of specialty beers. Guests can taste standard light lager or half-dark specialty beer (bottom fermented, unpasteurized, unfiltered).



Hop and Beer Temple, Žatec

PUBBY  - 11 hl

The construction of a microbrewery in the area with a long tradition in hops production brought PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY to the Hops and Beer Temple in Žatec in December 2009. The Town of Žatec decided to operate a microbrewery within its beer centre, which also houses a hop museum and a lookout tower.

The turnkey microbrewery assembly enabled the production of Pilsner beer with an annual capacity of 1,000 hl, in three basic types (10°, 12° and 14°) and other beer specials. Everything has been adapted for the Žatec hops growing region to enable the use of mainly Czech hops. The contract was completed in June 2010.



Higher School of Economic Studies and Secondary Technical School of Food Technology, Podskalská

In 2007, PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a stainless steel laboratory brew kettle of 50 l to the Higher School of Economic Studies and the Secondary Technical School of Food Technology. The brewing equipment is used for the training of future brewers. The school also helps train employees of PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY in food technology.


U Supa Brewery– beer output increasing

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY provided a unique technology with a glass brewhouse for one of the Prague's most prestigious U Supa restaurants, located in the very center of the city, not far from the Old Town Square. After less than a year of...

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