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Do you want to keep up with the current trends and not be surpassed by the growing competition in the world of high-quality Czech lagers and special beers? We have prepared a guide for building your own microbrewery and meeting the highest customer demands with quality domestic beer of various types. Or you can just make beer for yourself and your loved ones and neighbours.

Before you start dealing with practical issues and planning, you have to fulfil several formalities. The main one is obtaining a trade certificate, if you do not already have it. Operating a brewery is a business too, though one that is very pleasant. If you have a brewing education, that is certainly an advantage. If not, you will have to find someone with experience and get them involved in the project. If you do not know anyone suitable, it’s no problem; read on, nothing is lost! Third time’s a charm: if you are going to produce more than two hundred litres of beer per year, you will also need the approval and supervision of the Customs Office. Administrative formalities will probably also include obtaining a building permit. The owners of established restaurants have an advantage, as they only need to deliver a notice. Our designers will prepare everything so as to avoid any delays or problems.

Before you start with technical matters, you should have a chemical analysis of your water performed, as water is the essential ingredient of beer. If the water does not meet the required specifications, it can be treated by special filters or additives. You will never make decent beer from poor water, no matter how much you try. You must use drinking water, of course. About 80% of the drinking water from public mains in the Czech Republic can be used without any additional treatment.


Now, let’s move on to the technological part of the issue. It is essential that the equipment for the production of beer is made from quality materials. We will also have to jointly specify the dimensions and spatial conditions. As for space, the equipment requires about 40 to 300 square meters. If you are afraid that you have little space for a microbrewery, do not throw in the towel - our company can customize the project in the case of any difficulties in terms of space requirements. Then you will of course need space for the storage of ingredients and for aging. We offer standard equipment, but we can also prepare a turnkey delivery according to your individual preferences and needs. You can choose from a variety of sizes and designs of brew kettles and the related process equipment, such as wort coolers, wort fermentation tanks or vats, beer lagering and maturation tanks, sanitation vessels, beer tanks, ice water makers and other auxiliary equipment. The complete microbrewery process equipment is manufactured and installed in several months. The reward for your patience will be the first dewy pint of your own amber nectar.

After installation and final inspection, you can finally start brewing. If you are not to brew beer on your own, find an enthusiastic brewer who will craft your beer with care and love. If you do not know any brewer, we are ready to help you with recommending and selecting one. The brewing of beer, like cooking, requires the cleanliness of all equipment and premises. Irregular cleaning of vessels and pipes will soon affect the beer quality and flavour. It is also necessary to comply with the prescribed technological procedures in the production of beer, such as recipes, the brewing process, fermentation temperature, lagering, etc. The observance of specified temperatures is also important during storage and transport. Brewing beer is alchemy, indeed, but you will see that the result is worth it!


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