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Our company introduced a comprehensive range of brewery technology products with the EASY-BREW-TECH brand, offering 6 standardized brewery ranges to our customers in 2 basic sizes: PUB Breweries and CRAFT Breweries. Each line will be offered in ECONOMY and PLATINUM. This will enable our customers to have a better orientation in our offered technologies, and from our perspective we will be able to serve more customers more efficiently.

Breweries will also get new names according to the size of the brew and, within a more attractive presentation, each line will bear its own color

2,5 hls    5,5 hls      11 hls      22 hls    33 hls       55 hls



 In the future, we intend to focus primarily on upgrading, improving, reviewing and servicing breweries so that our customers get and use the services in a modern, timely and effective manner and for a long time.

The new identity of EASY-BREW-TECH is a dynamic, modern but still preserving quality of the traditional Czech producer as well as the whole production of brewing technologies from the PACOVSKE STROJIRNY´s workshop.

Lights, yeast, flavoured beers …

....and many other different kinds of beer are produced and consumed in the Czech Republic, not only in large breweries, but also in home, family, pub and hotel microbreweries. No wonder our country has for years topped the list of average beer consumption. Thanks to microbreweries, almost everyone can now make their favourite type of beer.

Microbreweries have become an attractive local business: they make the offer in the drink menu special, attract new customers or just make a party with friends even more enjoyable. Today, there are about 170 in the country and the number is still growing ...

Therefore, the traditional Czech company PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY decided to show those interested in quality and special beer how to do it.

Ludvík Ješátko, General Manager of PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY: “The products of PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY in the field of microbreweries are unique, and not only on the Czech market. We offer standard technology but can also meet different customer requirements and prepare turnkey solutions according to their needs. With our technology, the lovers of the traditional Czech drink may enjoy a variety of beers of the highest quality. The rise in popularity is mostly the result of live yeast Pilsner beers, both filtered or unfiltered.”


Where does beer come from?

Pivo (beer) is a word of Slavic origin meaning “the commonest and most widespread drink”. Many archaeological finds document that beer was brewed by the inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia as far back as 7000 BC. Although beer can be regarded as the Czech national drink, it came to our territory much later with the settlement of the Boii Celtic tribe, Germanic tribes and Slavs. The oldest brewery according to the historical sources is the Břevnov Monastery Brewery, which was established together with Břevnov Monastery in Prague in 993.

The first document directly related to the production of beer is the founding charter of the first Czech king, Vratislav II, from 1088, in which the king granted the Vyšehrad Chapter, among other gifts and privileges, a tithe of hops for brewing. The greatest boom in beer making in the Czech lands was seen in the 12th century, when virtually anyone in the country had the right to brew beer - mostly women brewed it at homes in a very primitive way. Technological development in the 13th century took place together with the development of royal towns. Town breweries were later established by affluent burghers and gradually a network of aristocratic, monastic and town breweries developed, producing quality beer suitable not only for home consumption, but also for export to neighbouring countries and to other royal courts.

Important brewing milestones in the Czech lands was the founding of a brewing school in Brno by the brewer František Ondřej Poupě at the turn of the 19th century and the establishment the Burghers’ Brewery in Plzeň in 1842. Their specially produced bottom-fermented beer influenced the technological processes in the country and worldwide. In the 19th century, Czech brewing was the driving force in the world in this field. The new era of breweries and microbreweries has come today - after the disaster the Czech brewing industry experienced due to both World Wars and the communist regime with its lack of funds for modernisation.




U Supa Brewery– beer output increasing

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY provided a unique technology with a glass brewhouse for one of the Prague's most prestigious U Supa restaurants, located in the very center of the city, not far from the Old Town Square. After less than a year of...

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